Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Peek Inside the Skipping Stones Office

Even if you've been reading our magazine for years, it's easy to imagine you have little idea what our office looks like.
We're located in beautiful Eugene, Oregon - here, take a tour of our neighborhood.
But don't just look outside, here, enjoy a peek of the inside:

Right outside...

Directly inside. Nearly every back issue copy of Skipping Stones imaginable.

This is the desk where the interns (myself included) most often work. Piles of submissions come in daily, thanks to all our dedicated readers.

Here is Arun, our Editor, at work in the other office. This is the computer we use to format each and every issue of Skipping Stones.

...and here is the view out that very window. Thanks for taking this tour with us! Keep reading for insider views of the magazine.

-Intern Molly McHugh

1 comment:

  1. This is amazing! I have always wondered where my work went. Now I know what it looks like! WOW it is different from the image I had painted in my mind. LOL!

    I love you Skipping Stones! You guys are the best!!!

    -Vincent Clementi
    Children's Author