Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Preview: Our Latest Issue!

Our latest issue is available right now. It features cover art by Abhijit Ray, 13 of India. Take a look to see his work to your right. 

Volume 21, Issue #3 features articles and pieces on summer travels as well as some local foods that are now in season. 

Also, the issue also has our 2009 Book Awards. Here are some of the featured books: 
The reviews are done by everyone from editors to interns, contributors and students, to parents and board members. Pick up a copy and look it over, it's helpful when the time to pick up a new book for yourself or your kids comes along. 


  1. Informative and intersting contents. A great educational magazine for children

  2. Hi, good seeing you all here. I added you to my followers blog list. Bahati

  3. Congratulations on your MLK award. I was in the audience last month. Sorry I missed you. Back at home in Albuquerque.